B3 / Platform is the only company that can deliver mixed blanding process with Alternatiive Material category utilized in cement company in Indonesia, running business activity, by supporting Indonesia national development program with development strategy Sustainable, by running an environmentally friendly program with Waste Hierarchi and obedient to regulations, to improve the quality of environmental protection by maintaining environmental quality, through the concept Zero Waste & 3 R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).

Environmental policy and OSH, as the basis for carrying on business in the field of transporter, collecting, utilizing, and processing of B3 waste, is basic (reference) PT Pengolahan Limbah Industri Bekasi With all employees, to implement / implement existing government regulations and continually implement the Environmental Management System (ESM).

Waste Generator as a producer (industry) also performs Waste processing (the rest of the production process) with Zero Waste concept, it is clear that the role of PT Bonding Industrial Waste is very precise and needed by the Waste Genmerator (industry) for its B3 waste treatment.

PT Pengolahan Limbah Industri Bekasi, Until now, is the only B3 waste treatment company that can treat B3 waste as Hazardous Waste as Material (HWSM) and Hazardous Waste as Fuel (HWSF) delivered to cement factory.

PT Pengolahan Limbah Industri BekasiIn conducting its business activities, priority attention to environmental aspects, safety and health work in a way :

  1. Prevent the occurrence of pollution, health problems, and accidents.
  2. Comply with government regulations as well as environmental standards, occupational health safety.
  3. To continuously improve environmental performance, safety and health.

This policy is implemented and communicated to all employees to be understood and implemented and made publicly known, and the company is open to all inputs and improvements needed to continually improve the work of environmental, occupational and occupational healthcare. This policy is documented and reviewed periodically.

Bekasi, 01 Mei 2015

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