Non-processable wastewater into Alternative Fuel (AF) such as water coolant, cutting oil, water base, Wet Scrubber Incinerator waste water, dirty oil treatment and water from oil treatment, chemical waste, dirty oil sludge, cleaner, Oily water and wastewater from the laundry was accommodated in a storage basin measuring 18.2 mx 2.2m x 1.54m, capacity 62m 3 cubic, before processed electrocoagulation unit with capacity of 2m 3 / hour in B3 Waste Treatment area. The electrocoagulation processing units are as follows:

  1. Oil Trap/ Separator
  2. Bak Mixing
  3. Reactor
  4. Settling Tub
  5. Filter Press
  6. Effluent Tank
  7. Filter