PT Pengolahan Limbah Industri Bekasi - PLIB can receive all types of B3 waste except radioactive waste, infectious, and nuclear. And we did the 3R concept, sorting and sorting on the initial pre-treartment.

Before the B3 waste is delivered, the marketing team takes samples of waste to be sampled at the PT PLIB laboratory which includes the waste-supporting data to identify the category as Alternative Materail (AM), or Alternative Fuel (AF). Once identified and determined the next category Marketing team to confirm to the producer (customer). Once there is agreement between the producer (customer) and marketing PT PLIB then the waste will be sent to PT PLIB.

When B3 waste from producer to PT PLIB, the B3 waste is sorted according to predetermined category. After being sorted then the B3 waste is taken sample for the manufacture of recipe mixing. The mixing recipe made is in accordance with the parameters specified by Co-Processing, after the mixing recipe is submitted to the Process section for mixing. Sampling is taken after the mixing process, ensuring that the mixing results are in accordance with the parameters specified by Co-Processing. If the measurement of the parameters of the sample of the mixing process is appropriate, then the Alternative Material Alternative Material (AM) or Alternative Fuel (AF) mixing process is sent to Co-Processing by controlling the quality of mixing.