Departement Process is part of the company that has the main task of memixing B3 waste into Alternative Material, Alternative Fuel and must be in accordance with mixing receipt from Dept. Eng. Process, conducting electrocoagualsi process and the process of Inceneration. Dept. Process has sub division of warehouse, process part, and part of electrocoagulation. The activities undertaken by the Dept. Process among others:

1. Warehouse Section, has the task:

  • Saving B3 waste into the storage warehouse
  • Providing the identity of B3 waste and putting it based on B3 waste characteristics
  • Conducting B3 waste collection
  • Preparing B3 waste according to process part requirement (AM / AF / EK)

2. Process Section

  • Mixing B3 waste as Alternative Material and Alternative Fuel accordingly
  • with receipt mixing from Dept. Eng. Process
  • Make sure the mixing result is homogenous
  • Crushing B3 waste to meet the needs of mixing process Alternative Fuel
  • Delivering AM / AF to the cement company, as directed by Dept . Eng. Process

3. Electrocoagulation

  • List the B3 waste
  • Perform electrocoagulation process according to receipt from Dept. Eng. Process
  • Recycling the electrocoagulation process

The B3 waste process support tools include:

  1. Machinery Electrocoagulation
  2. Machine Crusher
  3. Mixer Machine (Molen)
  4. Insenerator Machine
  5. Distillation Tool
  6. Excavator, Whee loader, Forklif